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" Reproductive Services" 

Our goal at CnC Show Horses is to provide top quality reproductive services for your mares and stallions in a friendly personal manner. Stallion owners have different needs for their own breeding programs. Tailoring a program that may fit your breeding needs is our goal.

Mare care and management is also offered at CnC Show Horses. In our fast paced, busy world mare owners are not always able to manage the breeding or foaling of their own mares. Dr Kent Patton is the attending veterinarian that oversees the palpation and ultra sounding of each mare and services any other needs that your mare may require.

Stallion Services

Complete Stallion Management:
CnC Show Horses will provide complete care and management of stallion. Details of Services available upon request.

CnC Show Horses offers collection of Stallions not on site that are at home or in training.

Transportation of Cooled Semen:
CnC Show Horses will package and provide containers and transportation of collected semen.

Mare Services

On Site Breeding:
CnC Show Horses offers complete breeding services for mares to stallions that we are standing. No collection or insemination fees charged.

Cooled Semen:
CnC Show Horses provides the opportunity to receive semen from other stallions for your mare.

Foaling Services:
CnC Show Horses offers full time foaling services and care.